Hilton’s Stolen Birthday Cake Given To The Homeless

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February 22, 2011 | 9:25pm EST

A $3,200 cake stolen from Paris Hilton’s Los Angeles birthday celebrations last week has been donated to the homeless by the thief.
The gateaux grabber, who identified himself as Paz in a cheeky, boastful post on Facebook.com, managed to sneak into Hilton’s pre-30th birthday bash last Tuesday and made off with the uneaten cake minutes after the socialite blew out the candles.

In the online post, he wrote, “I woke up this morning with a birthday cake in my living room. It’s big. It’s red. It says ‘Paris’. And it’s f***ing delicious.”

But now Paz has sliced up the cake and served it to the homeless on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles.

Posting a series of pictures and notes about the gateaux on Facebook.com, he explains, “It’s been a surreal last few days. 12,560 news articles, 322 television segments, 147 interview requests… The cake took on a life of its own… Fearing for my personal safety, I decided it was time for the infamous dessert and I to make one final journey.

“Travelling southbound on the 101 freeway, we wound our way to LA’s infamous skid row. It was here that the saga of the purloined pastry was destined to reach its tasty conclusion.”

Paz states the red velvet cake was carved into 125 delicious slices and served to the homeless on white paper plates.