Hogan Launches Legal Battle Against Fellow Fighter

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June 9, 2011 | 4:10am EST

Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan is launching a legal battle against a rival for spewing a series of blatant lies about the star.
James Hellwig, better known as The Ultimate Warrior, has been carrying on a bitter personal feud with Hogan for years, but he recently upset the Hulk by posting a short video, in which he verbally attacks the fighter, online.

In the rant he calls Hogan a “liar, a fraud and a phony” and a cocaine-abusing “dope head”.

And Hellwig warns the footage, which was uploaded on Tuesday, is simply a snippet of an hour-long “full-blown uncensored shoot” against Hogan he plans to release on 17 June.

Hogan is furious and plans to take his rival to court over the allegations, insisting the comments are completely false.

He tells TMZ.com, “None of that ever happened. This guy is out of his mind.”