Hollywood Heavyweights Bring Copyright Campaign To Congress

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March 11, 2015 | 4:56am EST

Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein and Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner are among the thousands of industry creatives who are appealing to the U.S. Congress in support of a stronger copyright system.
On Tuesday, more than 1,500 members of the entertainment industry’s creative community sent letters to members of the Senate and House of Representatives, urging them to uphold a strong copyright law, which is currently under review.
Officials at the Creative Alliance and CreativeFuture, organisations which represent actors and executives in film and TV, musicians and authors and publishers, joined forces for the campaign stressing the importance of “a strong copyright system that rewards creativity and promotes a healthy creative economy.”
A portion of the letter reads: “We embrace the Internet as a powerful democratizing force for our world and for creative industries. We proudly assert that copyright promotes and protects free speech. Copyright should protect creatives from those who would use the internet to undermine creativity. Creatives must be part of the conversation.
“The creative community stands united in support of a copyright system that has made and continues to make the United States the global leader in the creative arts and the global paradigm for free expression.
“Our copyright system is not perfect but, like democracy, it is better than the alternatives. It works. We urge Congress to resist attempts to erode the right of creatives to determine when and how they share their works in the global marketplace.”
In addition to Weinstein and Weiner, other notable names supporting the campaign include Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, director John Waters, musician T. Bone Burnett and Directors Guild of America leader Jay Roth.