Houston 911 Call Released: ‘Dispatcher Couldn’t Reach Assistant’

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April 12, 2012 | 4:16am EST

The emergency service official who first heard Whitney Houston had been found face down and unconscious in her Beverly Hills hotel suite was unable to get vital information to the woman who called for help – because she kept hanging up on hotel staff.
The 911 call from Beverly Hilton security on the day the soul star died has been released and it appears the emergency operator couldn’t get through to Houston’s room to relay CPR instructions directly to the singer’s assistant – because she refused to stay on the phone long enough.

In the released audio, the dispatcher asks if he could be patched through to the woman in the room. The security official says, “No, because she keeps hanging up on us.”

The 911 call’s release comes on the same day as news confirming the Beverly Hills Police Department’s investigation into Houston’s death is now closed.

A statement reads: “Based on the findings of our investigation and our review of the coroner’s report, we have determined that this is not a criminal matter.”

Houston, 48, died of accidental drowning with cocaine use and heart disease contributing to her death.