Howard Urges Arrested Development Fans To Keep Campaigning

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November 17, 2011 | 2:25pm EST

Director/producer Ron Howard is encouraging fans of his cult comedy show Arrested Development to continue voicing their desire to see a new series and movie adaptation in an effort to ensure producers follow through with comeback plans.
The hit sitcom, which aired from 2003 to 2006 and starred Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi and Will Arnett, won critical acclaim for Howard and the cast, but it didn’t make it past cult status among viewers and was cancelled.

Fans have long been campaigning for TV bosses to make a film version of the show, and their wish was granted last month when Bateman confirmed the stars will be reuniting for 10 new episodes and a big screen outing in 2013.

Howard served as narrator and executive producer on the show and he is looking forward to regrouping with the all-star cast – but he insists devotees have to continue raving about the comedy just in case TV executives change their minds.

He tells, “The whole reason they’re even thinking about an Arrested movie is because of you (the fans).

“It sounds a little bit corny, but a lot of the reason the (cast and producers) want to do (the Arrested Development movie) is that they really feel like they want to respect what the fans are saying.

“Really, the fans have kept it going, not only in terms of executives realising there’s a real yearning for more Arrested Development, but also to just keep encouraging the creative team and keep making it pressing.”

But Howard assures fans the production ball has begun rolling: “I just had dinner with Jason Bateman in L.A. The (Arrested Development) creative team is completely fired up about it and sort of tidying up the business side.”