Hudgens ‘obsessed’ With Babies

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July 18, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Actress Vanessa Hudgens’ baby clock has started ticking after she spent two weeks in a shelter for pregnant teenagers preparing for a tough new movie role.
The 22 year old plays a homeless mum-to-be in new movie Gimme Shelter and went to great lengths to get into character – spending time with the types of girls she is portraying.

But rather than put her off the idea of having kids, Hudgens admits the experience made her start thinking about starting a family.

She tells Access Hollywood Live, “It was very crazy and very very interesting and kinda made me obsessed with babies.

“I did get to know the girls and they were so amazing and really let me in to their head and, like, took me through their struggle… It was so humbling.

“They don’t care about the celebrity; this is real life. These girls are just trying to get by.”