Intruder Arrested On Kennedy Family Compound

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July 16, 2014 | 3:19pm EST

A man has been arrested after breaking into the Kennedy family estate in Massachusetts in the hope of spotting pop star Katy Perry.
Police were called to the Hyannis Port home of the famous Kennedy clan on Tuesday night after lawyer Ted Kennedy, Jr., nephew of late President John F. Kennedy, phoned the property’s landline to check on his teenage son, only for the intruder, James Lacroix, to answer instead.
Lacroix, 53, was taken into custody and charged with breaking and entering.
A spokesperson for Barnstable Police tells there was no sign of forced entry and reveals the suspect had allegedly walked into the compound through an unlocked door. He started cooking dinner and was later found by cops sitting on a couch, reading a book.
Kennedy, Jr.’s son reportedly thought Lacroix was just a house guest.
It is not known why Lacroix thought singer Perry would be present at the estate, but authorities claim he was clearly “detatched from reality”.