Iron Maiden Cancel Brazil Gig Over Safety Fears

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March 28, 2011 | 11:30am EST

Iron Maiden were forced to scrap a gig in Brazil on Sunday night over fears their fans would not be safe.
The legendary rockers arrived at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday to find the safety barrier put in place to stop fans from storming the stage was not sufficiently sturdy, and the band’s reps decided to postpone the show until Monday night to allow the venue’s bosses to address the issue.

A statement from concert promoter Evenpro says, “The IRON MAIDEN concert at HSBC Arena has been postponed to Monday, March, 28 due to technical problems with the barricade provided in front of the stage. This decision was taken by HSBC Arena in agreement with the band’s staff, because it’s their priority not to put fans’ safety in risk (sic).

“IRON MAIDEN will stay in Rio de Janeiro one more day to be able to make the show and not leave Rio de Janeiro out of this leg of ‘The Final Frontier Tour’. All the fans at (Sunday’s) concert must bring their ticket stub tomorrow to be allowed entry the concert. The band are naturally very sorry for any fans that can’t return tomorrow but promise a great and safe show tomorrow… for those who do.”

The promoter ensures fans who aren’t able to make the reschedule gig will receive a full refund.