Jack Nicholson Explains Hollywood Absence

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September 10, 2013 | 3:55am EST

Jack Nicholson has laughed off reports suggesting his withdrawal from Hollywood is down to memory problems, declaring, “I have a mathematician’s brain.”
The One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest star, who last appeared in a film in 2010, was said to have stepped out of the spotlight because he can no longer memorise scripts.
However, Nicholson insists the speculation is completely false and maintains the only reason he isn’t on the big screen is because he no longer has the desire to act.
He tells Britain’s The Sun, “I have a mathematician’s brain… I’m not going to work until the day I die, that’s not why I started this. I mean, I’m not driven. I was driven – but I’m not, I don’t have to be out there any more. In fact, there’s part of me that never really liked being out there… You get older, you change.”
The 76 year old, who began his career in the 1950s, also fears audiences no longer enjoy the type of films he wants to make: “The movie business is the greatest business but I only want to do films that move people, films about emotions and people. I had the most chilling thought that maybe people in their twenties and thirties don’t actually want to be moved anymore. They may want just to see more bombs, more explosions, because that is what they have grown up with. And I’ll never do that type of movie.”