Jack Osbourne Confident Of MS Recovery

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June 22, 2012 | 4:06am EST

Jack Osbourne is confident he will win his battle against multiple sclerosis (MS) thanks to medical advances.
The new dad announced he was suffering from the condition at the weekend, revealing at one point he had lost 60 per cent vision in his right eye.
His eyesight has since improved and Osbourne admits he has received positive news from doctors that new medicine could aid his recovery.
Speaking to Piers Morgan on his CNN show on Thursday, he says, “I’ve been told by all my doctors that if you are going to get MS now is the best time to have it. There are, I think, two or three new drugs coming out within the next six months… I do believe there will be a solution in sight in my lifetime.”
However, Osbourne remains realistic about his diagnosis.
During his appearance on TV show The Talk on Wednesday, he said, “(My vision) is back to about 80 per cent now and they don’t know if it’ll ever improve beyond that but everyone’s different… Ultimately, that’s the toughest thing with this disease that I’m learning… One minute you can be fine, and the next I went blind in my right eye. It’s a completely unpredictable disease.”