Jackson ‘lovechild’ Wants Case Reconsidered

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September 10, 2010 | 4:00am EST

A woman who alleges she is Michael Jackson’s lovechild is begging a judge to reconsider her case – two days after it was thrown out of court.

Mocienne Petit Jackson filed a motion on Thursday asking a Los Angeles judge to reconsider her paternity claims after her request for a DNA test was rejected on Tuesday.

In new legal documents obtained by TMZ.com, Petit Jackson claims she owns audio tapes in which “my father, Michael Joseph Jackson, in his very own words and in public implicitly mentions my existence”.

Jackson alleges she is the daughter of Diana Ross’ sister, Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee. She also claimed to be the result of a 1975 fling – when Jackson was 17.

The Thriller hitmaker died in June 2009.