Jackson To ‘duet’ With Michael At London Show

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June 29, 2011 | 4:15am EST

Janet Jackson is set to perform a virtual duet with her late brother Michael on stage in London, just days after the second anniversary of his death.
The Control superstar is taking her Number Ones tour to London’s Royal Albert Hall on Thursday night, and has announced she will play her 1995 collaboration Scream with her superstar sibling.

Jackson will perform her parts of the single, while the tragic Thriller hitmaker’s vocals will be played for his section of the song.

And the singer admits performing the collaboration makes her feel closer to her brother.

She tells Britain’s Heart FM, “It’s therapeutic, you know and it makes me smile inside. I mean the energy of the song is fierce but it makes me smile inside when I hear him, when I hear his voice.”

It was the two-year anniversary of Jackson’s death on Saturday.