Jaden Smith’s Hong Kong Dream

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June 22, 2010 | 3:50pm EST

The Karate Kid star Jaden Smith is determined to finish the martial arts training he underwent for the Karate Kid remake, and is planning a trip to Hong Kong for a two month camp.
Will Smith’s 11-year-old son spent summer learning from kung fu masters in China before shooting the action hit.

Jaden’s now so hooked he’s begging his mom to take him to Hong Kong to continue mastering his fight skills.

Mom Jaden Pinkett Smith says, “Now he’s asking to send him to Hong Kong for two months so he can continue his training. So I’ll probably go to Hong Kong for two months and do that.”

And the actress wants to make the long-haul journey another family affair – because her nine-year-old daughter Willow wants to improve the language skills she picked up while her brother was filming in China last year.

Pinkett Smith adds, “I’ll take Willow because she’s learning Mandarin. She loves to learn Mandarin.”