Jagger Gets Hired Help For Blogs

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May 27, 2010 | 12:55pm EST

Mick Jagger has hired a personal assistant to update his online blogs – because he has no time for modern technology.
The Rolling Stones frontman has accounts on both Facebook and Twitter, but his hectic schedule means he never gets the chance to tell fans his latest news.
So he’s employed an aide to keep the blogs up to date – admitting he “can’t be bothered” to do it himself.
Jagger tells Britain’s GMG Radio, “One of the problems is there’s so many access points to being online that if you don’t watch out you’re never going to have any time to do anything else. There’s so many gadgets and so many networking sites and there’s so much you can do.
“I have to hire a special assistant to do my Facebook site and my Twitter site and I can’t be bothered! You know I really can’t, you’ve got to draw the line somewhere and say, ‘OK I’m not gonna do that’.”