Jake Owen Undergoes Hand Surgery

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July 9, 2013 | 8:50pm EST

Country singer Jake Owen has undergone surgery on his hand following a go-karting accident over the weekend.
The Barefoot Blue Jean Night hitmaker had been racing with professional drivers Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer on a closed course on Sunday when he crashed his vehicle and had to be transported to a medical center for treatment.
He shared a photo of himself wearing a neckbrace on Twitter.com on Monday, and he returned to the micro-blogging site on Tuesday as he prepared to head into the operating room to fix his injured hand.
He uploaded a picture of his right hand, which had been strapped in a brace with two of his fingers in bandages, and wrote in the accompanying caption, “Headed in for surgery… I was trying to avoid it, but since I play guitar for a living I need to get this done.”
However, Owen is adamant he will be back on stage by Thursday, when he is due to perform in Ohio as part of the Country Concert line-up, and insists he will honor his commitments to play at Boston, Massachusetts’ fabled Fenway Park stadium this weekend, when he will be performing alongside Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert.
He added, “Btw (by the way)..There’s no way I’d miss the chance to play @countryconcert or Fenway Park this weekend. I won’t let y’all down.”