James Bond Bosses To Stage Huge 50th Birthday Exhibition

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May 4, 2012 | 11:16am EST

Movie bosses are to mark the 50th birthday of the James Bond franchise this year by staging the biggest ever exhibition of iconic props from the spy films.
Eon Productions chiefs have released a dazzling array of costumes, gadgets and cars from the 007 movies to go on display in London in the summer.
The famous exhibits include Goldfinger henchman Oddjob’s bowler hat, the metal teeth sported by Jaws in two 1970s Bond films, Scaramanga’s pistol from The Man With The Golden Gun, 007’s spacesuit from Moonraker, and a deck of tarot cards seen in Live and Let Die.
The flick-knife shoes worn by SPECTRE agent Rosa Klebb in From Russia with Love, a waterproof camera from Thunderball, Halle Berry’s orange bikini from Die Another Day, Bond’s underwater Lotus car from The Spy Who Loved Me, and Daniel Craig’s famous blue swimming trunks will also be on display.
The exhibition will even feature some of Bond’s personal effects, including his black American Express card and his passport – which reveals he travels under the false name Arlington Beech.