James Franco Defends Posting Racy Photos On Instagram

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May 10, 2014 | 9:37am EST

Actor James Franco has defended his penchant for posting racy photos on Instagram.com insisting he does it for his fans.
The 127 Hours star is a prolific user of the photo-sharing website and regularly posts self-taken images of himself, in which he appears topless or in bed.
Last week, he hit headlines when he shared a sweaty image of himself wearing nothing but a pair of underpants, which he suggestively pulled down, almost fully exposing himself.
The picture has since been deleted, but Franco insists he’s just trying to have fun and he does not see the harm in posting the provocative photos.
He says, “To me, it’s just a fun thing. It’s something I don’t put a ton of thought into, but it gets a lot of attention. I have a lot of followers on Instagram.
“It’s not like I’m putting it on billboards. Ostensibly, Instagram is for my fans, but now all the bloggers are following me on there, and they’ll just take and use my images for whatever they want.”
Franco’s photos aren’t the only things that are getting him into trouble on Instagram – he recently had an embarrassing encounter with a Scottish teenager online after meeting her backstage following his theater performance in Of Mice & Men in New York.
He courted her and suggested they meet up and then publicly confessed to being left red-faced when she revealed she was only 17.