James McAvoy Injured During Intense Scenes As Macbeth

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March 4, 2013 | 11:21am EST

James Mcavoy has been undergoing physiotherapy sessions to treat injuries he has sustained while playing Macbeth in a new stage adaptation of William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy.
The Wanted star stepped into the role of the doomed Celtic king at the Trafalgar Studios theater in London last month, but admits the extreme method acting used in the production has been tough on the cast.
In an interview on UK chat show This Morning, McAvoy reveals he has been left battered and bruised while playing the title role.
He explains, “It’s an incredibly physically violent play in its language and we felt that it should be as physical and, at times, (as) violent as the language suggests so that it doesn’t just become about poetry… But the physicality of the play matches it in intensity.
“And as such, we’re all falling to pieces. We all had cuts and bruises, we have all been to the physio two or three times. I keep punching a door in it and I let that heal up and then suddenly I ended up punching another guy (actor) and I hit his armour and that cut me up. But it is good fun though.”