Jay-Z Offers Up Support For Obama’s 2012 Re-election

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September 30, 2011 | 2:30pm EST

Hip-hop superstar Jay-Z has offered up his support to boost President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, insisting his politician friend is still “the best man for the job”.
The Empire State of Mind hitmaker was one of the big stars who backed Obama when he first joined the presidential race in 2008, and he celebrated with the Democrat at his inauguration ceremony in January, 2009.

Jay-Z admits the election of the country’s first black president was “very inspirational” and he hopes Obama’s success at the polls will encourage aspiring politicians of all backgrounds to aim for the top.

He tells WENN, “It was very inspirational. And it made everyone feel like that whole American Dream, like, we were all a part of the American Dream finally. Like it was accessible to everyone… Now we have to get a female president and a Latino president and then we are on our way.”

Obama has launched his bid for a second term in the White House, and, despite the fact he has come under fire from critics for failing to do more to turn the lacklustre economy around during his time in office, Jay-Z is confident the leader will deliver if he’s given more time to sort out the country’s most pressing problems.

The rapper says, “I still think he is the best man for the job, so yes (I will campaign for him). I think he got a raw deal and he got a really tough economy. It’s going to test his mettle, which is great. You don’t get anything that you can’t handle. So he must be really special because he got (sic) a lot of work to do.”