Jean Wants Voting Rights For Haitians Abroad

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August 15, 2010 | 8:45pm EST

Wyclef Jean has laid out changes he will make to Haiti’s constitution if he’s successful in his bid to become the country’s president – the hip-hop star wants to allow dual citizenship and give Haitians living abroad the right to vote.
The rapper is currently running for office in the impoverished nation, which has been left in devastation following a huge earthquake in January.

And Jean is already drafting plans to change voting laws in the country, where he lived until he was nine before moving to New York.

The former Fugees frontman – who has never sought U.S. citizenship – tells the Associated Press that Haitians abroad “should have the right to vote in their country”, especially since they send billions of dollars in remittances to family members.

Currently natives who emigrate can only hold citizenship in one country and must renounce their Haitian citizenship if they become citizens of another.