Jeff Bridges Wanted To Direct Father In The Giver

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August 7, 2014 | 3:16pm EST

Actor Jeff Bridges wanted to direct his late father, Lloyd, in a film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s book The Giver, but was unable to make the movie before he passed away in 1998.
Jeff plays the titular character in the film, which is due to hit U.S. theaters on 15 August, but the True Grit star explains his original plan to cast his dad in the adaptation fell through because movie executives did not want to court controversy and make the film all those years ago.
The movie, which centers on the story of a young boy who unearths the leaders of his Utopian community’s secret efforts to keep citizens under control, is based on a book that once featured on a U.S. banned list.
He tells WENN, “About 18 years ago I originally wanted to direct my father Lloyd Bridges in the film and I wanted to make a movie that my kids could see. I was looking across a catalog of children’s books and came across this wonderful cover of this grizzled old guy with a Newbury award stamp on it (the book cover).
“I was knocked out on a kid book level but also as an adult. This was a movie that I wanted to see made… In wanting to direct it myself I had a certain vision of how it would go and I was in love with the book and I wanted to put the book up on screen exactly how it was.”
Bridges explains he actually started work on the film with his dad and nephew Casey: “Casey Bridges was our DP (director of photography) for that particular session at my parents’ house. We read the whole book. Bud Cort read all the narration in the book and this was like 18 years ago.
“(My brother) Beau’s son Dylan, who now works for Universal (Studios) in the publicity department, played Jonas. We have this Betamax (video footage) in some garage. Casey tells me he’s got it, so hopefully that will be something on the DVD!”