Jeff Goldblum Wins Permanent Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

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June 12, 2012 | 2:11pm EST

Actor Jeff Goldblum has won a three-year restraining order against a woman he has accused of stalking him for more than a decade.
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carol Boas Goodson granted the Jurassic Park star the permanent request against Linda Ransom on Tuesday, and banned her from contacting Goldblum or going anywhere near his home or place of work.
But Ransom refused to take the news lightly and repeatedly raised her voice and shouted at the judge during the hearing.
Her behavior prompted Judge Goodson to scold the defendant, saying, “I must say you are acting irrationally in court. Mr. Goldblum does not want you near him.”
Goldblum was awarded a temporary protective order against Ransom last month, after claiming that she had followed him in public, showed up at his house uninvited and appeared on multiple occasions at his stage performances in New York City and L.A.
He also alleged Ransom had been stalking him since 2001.