Jenni Rivera Was Estranged From Daughter Over Affair Allegations

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October 16, 2013 | 2:12pm EST

Tragic Latin superstar Jenni Rivera was estranged from her eldest daughter at the time of her death last year, after accusing her child of having an affair with her second husband.
The singer filed for divorce from former baseball star Esteban Loaiza on 1 October, 2012, two months before she was killed in a plane crash in Mexico, and now Janney ‘Chiquis’ Marin has revealed she fell out with her mother over allegations the 28 year old had hooked up with her stepfather.
In a candid TV interview with Azteca America, Marin, Rivera’s daughter from her first marriage, insists the claims are unfounded and admits the fight that sparked her estrangement from her mother will haunt her forever.
She says, “The world and my family lost Jenni on December 9, I lost my mother two months before on October 2. It was a misunderstanding. My world ended that day…
“I don’t understand how the rumor got started, this horrible thing that has caused so much suffering. (Loaiza) has always been very respectful towards me and me with him.
“There were so many people filling her head with things. If there’s a problem with someone you should ask them directly, and that’s something she didn’t do. To this day, my mother, in her heart, thinks I had something with Esteban…
“Every day I have to live with this, no one know the pain I carry, especially because it was a misunderstanding, there were so many people in the middle that caused so much pain, so many problems that it was impossible not to be upset.”