Jenni Rivera’s Make-up Artist’s Estate Sues After Plane Crash

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January 4, 2013 | 4:06am EST

Lawyers for the make-up artist who died in a plane crash with singer Jenni Rivera last month are suing the aviation bosses who owned and operated the aircraft.
Make-up artist Jacob Yebale was flying with Rivera and five other passengers when the Learjet 25 went down in Mexico on 9 December.
A lawsuit was filed on behalf of Yebale’s estate on Wednesday by attorneys at Ribbeck Law Chartered in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.
Monica Kelly, head of Global Aviation for the law firm, tells the suit demands a “multi-million dollar damages award” and aims to “bring to justice all responsible parties”, including the owner, the leasing company, the maintenance company, and Learjet, the company that manufactured the plane.
Kelly adds, “Lives were lost. Someone is responsible. We want to know who and make sure the person or entity is brought to justice. It is a search for justice. Jacob was very much loved and his family needs answers.”
A hearing has been scheduled for 6 February.