Jennifer Lawrence’s Alleged Stalker Charged

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May 27, 2013 | 5:55pm EST

A Canadian man has been charged with stalking and harassing The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence and members of her family.
Zhao Han Cong, 23, of Vancouver, British Columbia, was taken into police custody last month after allegedly trying to talk the Oscar winning actress’ brother Blaine into putting him in touch with his sister, so he could “protect” her.
FBI agents in Kentucky charged Cong with interstate stalking and repeated harassing phone communications on Monday.
The Chinese-born Canadian citizen allegedly contacted Lawrence’s brother more than 200 times via phone and email before flying to Louisville, Kentucky, where the Lawrence family lives.
The FBI got involved when Cong started making references to the recent Boston Marathon bombings, and told Blaine Lawrence that “bad things” would happen to him and his family if he didn’t give up his sister’s details.
According to documents, obtained by the New York Daily News, Cong also sent three threatening emails to Blaine, making references to the Bible and their relation to the actress. The alleged stalker also referred to himself as her “husband for life”.
Cong then reportedly flew from Vancouver to Louisville on 18 April and met with police at the Indian Hills Police Department in suburban Louisville in an effort to seek out the address of the Lawrence family home.
Suspicious officers interviewed Cong, who allegedly told them he was the second coming of Jesus Christ and said Lawrence’s mother had what he needed to complete his journey.
Officers took Cong into custody and involuntarily hospitalized him for a psychiatric evaluation. Upon his release, police arrested Cong. Federal authorities took custody of Cong on 7 May.