Jenny McCarthy: ‘I Ate A Truck Stop Hot-dog For $20’

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October 8, 2012 | 5:56pm EST

Model-turned actress Jenny Mccarthy has revealed the depths she went to to earn gas money on a trip to Florida after leaving the sordid details out of her new book Bad Habits: Confessions Of A Recovering Catholic.
The Scream 3 and Scary Movie 3 star opened up about a spring break trip she took withtwo pals when she was a penniless teenager in her memoirs, but stopped short of revealing what the “worst thing” she ever did en route for $20 was.
Appearing on U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live on Monday, McCarthy was taken to task over what she left out of the book and host Billy Bush refused to move on past the awkward interview moment.
Eventually a defiant McCarthy confessed, “I ate a hot-dog.”
The actress then glared at Bush, who held his head in his hands, immediately realising what his guest was alluding to.
The host finally said, “I just want you to know something – you’re worth more than $20.”
Saucy McCarthy had Bush giggling again minutes later when he asked her if she was dating anyone after splitting from American football star Brian Urlacher this summer. She quipped, “I’m not seeing anyone right now; I’m just looking and tasting!”