Jessica Chastain & Bradley Cooper Join Comedian For Post-Oscars Disaster Movie Trailer

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February 21, 2013 | 5:56pm EST

Oscar nominees Jessica Chastain and Bradley Cooper have filmed skits for a spoof disaster movie trailer, which will be aired in full on comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscars TV special on Sunday night.
The Best Actress and Best Actor hopefuls will join Johnny Depp, Amanda Seyfried, Rachel Weisz, JudeLaw and Bruno Mars in the star-studded sequel to Movie: The Movie, which aired on Kimmel’s after-Oscars show last year.
In that film trailer, George Clooney portrayed a disabled NASA expert trying to destroy an asteroid aimed at the earth by Gabourey Sidibe’s evil Black Hitler character. It also featured Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Dame Helen Mirren, among others.
A clip of Movie: The Movie 2V, which was posted online on Thursday, features Zero Dark Thirty star Chastain alerting Kimmel to a series of disasters, including a zombie attack.
Depp plays a cool zombie, while Cooper is featured trying to fight the undead off while carrying a child on his back.
All will be revealed when the full trailer airs on Sunday and then goes viral.