J.K. Rowling Wanted To Save Child From Orphanage

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October 28, 2013 | 12:21pm EST

Author J.K. Rowling was so heartbroken during a trip to a European orphanage she wanted to take a child home with her.
The best-selling author of the Harry Potter books co-founded the Children’s High Level Group charity in 2005 to help disadvantaged kids in eastern Europe.
She has been visiting Moldova, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Romania for several years to see the charity’s work and was so overcome with emotion during one visit she contemplated lifting a child out of her cot and taking her back to the U.K.
Rowling tells Britain’s Mail On Sunday newspaper, “I’m an emotional person. I struggle with that a lot in this kind of situation. There was one little baby, a girl, and I was standing at this cot and I just thought, ‘I will take her’. It was utterly irrational but that is your human response. There was no earthly way I could take this baby home but that is your most powerful reaction. You think as a mother,’I will save this baby, this one baby’.”