Jo Dee Messina’s Sister Admitted To Hospital With Chest Pain

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April 30, 2013 | 2:17pm EST

Country singer Jo Dee Messina has been dealt another blow after her sister was admitted to the same hospital where her mother is receiving treatment due to chest pain.
The 42 year old has been caring for her ailing mom Mary in recent days after doctors diagnosed her with a mystery heart condition, and now her sibling is under observation.
In a post on on Tuesday, she wrote, “YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS…, spent last night in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) w mom. No imprvment (sic) My sister was checked in last night, chest pains.”
And the singer reveals she fears the worst for her mother after she underwent life-saving open heart surgery last week.
That’s the Way hitmaker Messina added, “My mothers (sic) procedure was hard. It took all day. She is older so the tissue they had to work with is fragile. They brought her into ICU after surgery. (of course). We got to see her… My sister and I almost couldn’t walk in.
“I couldn’t recognize my Mother mixed into all the wires… It’s scary as hell (excuse language)… She still has breathing tube in and machines hooked up… Really rough time for my Mom”.