Joan Collins Is ‘lucky To Be Alive’ After Fire

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April 20, 2019 | 9:25am EST

Dame Joan Collins feels “lucky to be alive” after escaping a fire at her London home.
The Dynasty actress and her husband Percy Gibson were forced to flee their flat in Belgravia after a blaze broke out inside a guest en-suite bathroom on 13 April.
In a new interview with Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, the 85-year-old admitted she feels lucky that they had been woken up by an alarm. She’s also relieved they were home at the time so Percy could tackle the flames before the emergency services arrived.
“The thing is, if Percy hadn’t gone in with the extinguisher the entire flat would have been consumed by flames,” she said. “What he did, in fact, was save the whole building. Percy’s a hero. I know a lot of guys who wouldn’t have gone in. He made a great sacrifice.
“And we’re lucky to be alive. I keep thinking: ‘What if we’d been asleep and hadn’t heard the alarm? What if we’d gone to a movie?'”
She recalled how she stood outside in her pajamas, bathrobe and only socks and called the fire brigade as Percy doused the fire.
The interview was conducted at the flat three days after the blaze. According to the report, the guest bathroom, where the fire started and ended, is “devastated, charred and black” and a window is broken, while the adjacent bedroom has been blackened by smoke.
Firefighters have said the blaze started by sunlight hitting a mirror and reflecting onto a blind.