Joan Rivers’ Disgruntled Neighbour Gains Access To Disputed Apartment

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October 24, 2013 | 3:55am EST

A judge has suggested comedienne Joan Rivers take out an order of eviction if she and her apartment boardmembers want to boot a neighbour out of her New York condominium over unpaid fees.
The catty TV personality, who serves as the president of the board at the luxury building in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, was recently slapped with a $15 million lawsuit from Elizabeth Hazan over allegations Rivers had purposefully driven her out of her pad by reportedly cutting her cable and filling her door locks with glue.
Hazan took legal action after she was denied entry to the building at the end of last month amid claims she owed more than $200,000 in common charges and outstanding fees.
The case went before Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Anil Singh on Wednesday, when he sided with Rivers and her fellow boardmembers and ordered Hazan to pay up to regain access to her property.
However, as the court hearing was in progress, the 41-year-old blonde staged a protest outside of the apartment building, demanding doormen and police let her in.
She declared, “What right does she (Rivers) have to lock me out?. She’s crazy, she’s out of her mind, she’s holding all of my belongings hostage in there. I have 500 pairs of shoes in there.”
Cops eventually relented and granted her and a business associate entrance.
Upon learning that Hazan had been let in, Judge Singh declined to have her escorted from the property by officers, instead recommending that Rivers seek a separate court order if she wanted to have the disgruntled neighbour removed.
Rivers, who was in Los Angeles at the time of the incident, is refusing to become engaged in a public war of words, telling the New York Daily News, “At my age I still believe in the legal system, and hope and pray that the law will come down to the right side.”
The 80 year old has resided in the East 62nd Street building’s penthouse for the past 25 years.