Joanna Krupa’s Fiance Opens Up About Sex Life Shocker

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January 31, 2013 | 5:56pm EST

Model-turned-reality TV star Joanna Krupa’s fiance has broken his silence about candid comments she made about their lack of sex, revealing life with the beauty can be boring at times.
Krupa briefly split from her boyfriend of six years, Romain Zago, in 2012 and revealed his workaholic nature had wrecked their sex life in a very open TV interview with American news show Access Hollywood Live.
Zago appeared on the same show on Thursday to set the record straight and explain why dating the “most beautiful thing” is like eating great pasta.
He said, “You never realize that every relationship, after a few years, gets boring, even though people keep asking me, ‘Dude, you’re engaged to the sexiest swimsuit model woman in the world, how can that be boring?’
“You can eat the best pasta in the world every day… you’ve gotta spice it up otherwise it’s the same pasta.”
And Zago admits he and his fiancee are still trying to find time for intimacy after reuniting at the end of 2012 and deciding to get married.
He added, “Obviously we have our moments but I’m not gonna lie to you (and say) we do it every day… I work a lot, she works a lot; she’s always traveling… There’s no couple that has the perfect sex life after so many years… It’s not gonna be an every day that we’re gonna have sex even though she’s awesome and… she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
“Sometimes she’s too tired, she doesn’t want it… but she’s a machine.”
Meanwhile, Zago insists the couple’s hit U.S. reality show The Real Housewives of Miami has helped to keep them together: “The reality show brought us back together because we spent so much time away from each other and that was a big problem… The distance creates more distance, personal distance, emotional distance and obviously intimate distance.”