Joe Budden Surrenders To Police Over Assault Accusations

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August 27, 2014 | 3:16pm EST

Rapper Joe Budden has surrendered to police in New York so he can answer allegations of assault and robbery after becoming a wanted man over the weekend.
The Pump It Up hitmaker found himself on the New York Police Department’s ‘wanted’ list after a force representative tweeted out his photo in connection to a reported bust-up with an ex-girlfriend earlier this month, and appealed to the public for information leading to his arrest.
Budden allegedly stole her cell phone and twisted her arm.
He disputed the claims on his own microblogging account and taunted cops by writing messages like, “I’ll be in a strip club in Astoria (Queens) tonight. Let the ‘Man hunt’ know” and “Glad to see our tax payer dollars being put to good use!”.
A local news crew even tracked Budden down to his home in New Jersey, where the hip-hop star insisted he was baffled by rumors suggesting he was in hiding.
He told NBC’s Channel 4, “You guys found me rather easily. And I’m wearing pink! Who runs wearing pink? I’m not on the run.”
However, Budden turned himself in to New York authorities on Wednesday morning to face the accusations, and apparently managed to sneak his mobile phone into his cell so he could keep in touch with fans.
On Wednesday, he tweeted, “So…. There is wifi (wireless Internet) here by the way” and then complained about the bench in the jail holding cell, posting, “This bench is hard as a f**k (sic)!”
But Budden is confident he will be cleared of any wrongdoing as he tweeted out plans to meet his friends at a strip club on Wednesday night and added, “Let this be a lesson to all… never steal a cell phone that’s in your name. Smh (shaking my head)… Justice will be served.”