Johansson Fights For Women’s Health

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April 11, 2011 | 11:20am EST

Scarlett Johansson is spearheading a campaign to save women’s healthcare centers from budget cuts.
The Hollywood actress is angry with plans to axe more than $300 million in government funding for organisations which provide services such as birth control, cervical cancer screenings and HIV testing.

She has now filmed a public service announcement (PSA) in conjunction with Planned Parenthood, urging women across the country to sign a petition and an open letter to politicians rallying against the cuts.

In the video, she says, “The House (of Representatives) passed a bill to eliminate our country’s family planning program and to stop Planned Parenthood health centers from receiving any federal money to provide life-saving preventative care.

“That means no money for cervical cancer screenings and breast exams. No money for testing and treatment of STDs, not even testing for HIV. No money for birth control… Every year Planned Parenthood provides essential care to millions of women, men and teens. For many people, especially those with low incomes, Planned Parenthood is their only source of health care.”