John Densmore Planning Doors Reunion To Honor Late Pal Manzarek

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June 19, 2013 | 8:40pm EST

The Doors drummer John Densmore is hoping to officially end his feud with former bandmate Robby Krieger at a planned tribute for their late pal Ray Manzarek.
Densmore and Krieger fell out a decade ago during a legal battle over the rights to the group’s name and back catalog.
The drummer won and Krieger and Manzarek were forced to change their touring name from The Doors of the 21st Century to Riders on the Storm – the title of a Doors hit. Densmore also refused to be part of any anniversary events alongside his former bandmates.
However, relations have thawed over the last year, and Densmore tells Rolling Stone magazine he was able to get in touch with Manzarek before he lost his battle with cancer in April.
And now the drummer is hoping to return to the stage with Krieger as part of a tribute to their late pal.
He says, “I said to Robby a few weeks ago in an email: ‘Let’s have our musical reunion for Ray. Let’s play some Doors songs at the Whisky (A Go Go) or Wiltern (Los Angeles venues). There’s a lot of great musicians in L.A. that we know and love and admire the band. I’d like to break the ice that way.’ It should happen pretty soon.”