John Mayer Sues Celebrity Watch Broker

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March 19, 2014 | 4:56am EST

Musician John Mayer has hit celebrity watch dealer Robert Maron with a lawsuit after the broker allegedly sold the singer counterfeit Rolex timepieces containing knock-off parts.
The Daughters hitmaker, a longtime watch claims Maron sold him $5 million -worth of upscale timepieces, but seven of them were deemed counterfeit by an official Rolex representative.
In his legal documents, filed in California on Tuesday, Mayer states that Maron began selling him expensive and rare watches in 2007, and became a “close and trusted” personal friend, who even accompanied the singer/songwriter on tour.
Mayer’s first complaint dates back to 2010, when he sent one of the Rolex watches sold to him by Maron to the company for servicing, only to learn that the parts were not authentic.
When Mayer asked Maron about the pieces, he gave Mayer a refund.
Since then, seven of Mayer’s watches from Maron have allegedly been deemed phoney, and the singer is now seeking the $656,000 he paid for the seven timepieces, as well as interest and damages for five causes of action, including fraud, breach of oral contract and negligent misrepresentation.
Mayer isn’t Maron’s only high-profile client – he is also close friends with actor Charlie Sheen and has reportedly sold the actor over $10 million -worth of luxury watches.
Sheen even made Maron an executive producer on his sitcom Anger Management.