John Travolta Calls For Privacy Law After Topless Royal Shots

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September 21, 2012 | 2:11pm EST

John Travolta has called for a new privacy law following the topless photographs of Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge.
The Pulp Fiction star was disgusted at the images of Prince William’s wife sunbathing topless in France when they surfaced earlier this month, and he’s adamant authorities around the world need to act to protect stars from intrusive snaps.
He tells the BBC, “There is a right to privacy whether you’re famous or not famous, and I feel that anyone being invaded at that level is unfortunate. There should be a law, you know, no one would like that.
“It’s probably the worst time to be famous in the history of fame. You know, because of the Internet the level of invasion of privacy is so extraordinarily high that I could probably, arguably, say that it’s the worst time to be famous in the history of fame.
“But it’s never been easy. This kind of thing (the Duchess’ photo scandal) is an example, and of course (Prince William’s mother) Diana was an example as well. These losses (of privacy) were unnecessary.”
Travolta famously danced with Diana, Princess of Wales at a White House dinner in 1985.