Johnny Depp Pokes Fun At Himself At Makeup Artists And Hairstylists Awards

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February 16, 2014 | 8:41pm EST

Johnny Depp talked himself out of work at the 11th annual Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Awards on Saturday when he joked about his onscreen talents.
The Lone Ranger star was honored with the Distinguished Artisan Award at the prizegiving in Los Angeles and took aim at his film work during his acceptance speech.
He said, “This is a great honor, but (as) I was occasionally glancing at the screen (during a career-spanning montage), I realized what a ridiculous thing I’ve done. I mean, seriously. Why are they still giving me jobs?”
Depp told guests he was a simple guitar player who needed money to fulfil his music dreams, when he signed up to star in Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street, and he became a big fan of makeup on the set.
The movie star added, “He (Craven) really took a chance on me, hooked me up with a guy named Dave Miller to take a mold of my face. I found, oddly enough, that I liked being encased in all that stuff.
“I like being isolated to that degree. So the idea of being shocked beyond recognition, it’s kind of what I want. It’s what I strive for. I think trying something different each time as an actor, with the luxury (of having) amazing makeup artists has made my, whatever you call it, career.”
Other top winners included Dick Smith, who was honored with the Makeup Artists Lifetime Achievement Award and Oscar winner Gail Ryan, who received the Hairstylists Lifetime Achievement Award.
Meanwhile, Dallas Buyers Club’s Robin Mathews picked up the Best Period and/or Character Makeup award; American Hustle’s Kathrine Gordon and Michelle Johnson were triumphant in the Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling category and Stephen Prouty and Tony Gardner claimed the night’s Best Special Makeup Effects for their work on Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa.