Jolie Faced Gun-toting Youngsters At Sierra Leone Checkpoint

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February 7, 2012 | 11:21am EST

Angelina Jolie was left terrified on an aid mission to Sierra Leone when she had to pass a checkpoint manned by “kids with guns”.
The Hollywood actress was on one of her many humanitarian trips to Africa helping to resettle homeless women at a refugee camp when their truck was stopped by rifle-toting locals.

Jolie had heard horror stories of crazed rebel fighters hacking the limbs off their enemies – and for a brief moment she was petrified she was about to suffer a similar fate.

The Tomb Raider star tells British magazine OK!, “When I was in Sierra Leone I had a very close call. It was around the time when everybody was cutting the arms off everybody and the war was still on and I was with another woman and we were taking hundreds of women to resettle them into a camp that was miles away.

“It was just me and this other woman and then we had to go across a checkpoint, which was a bunch of kids with guns. I ended up bizarrely sitting on the bread we had and my passport, not knowing, but just trying to protect the only thing I thought mattered. And realising this person is probably coked up and with a gun, there’s no reason he’s not going to pull me out of this truck right now, and I was very scared.”