Jolie Is Smitten With Pitt

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July 7, 2010 | 4:05pm EST

Angelina Jolie has rubbished reports she’s heading for a split with partner Brad Pitt insisting the pair are more loved up than ever.

The actress doesn’t hold back in a new interview with Parade magazine, telling interviewer Dotson Rader she and her partner still have a “wonderful, exciting time together,” and she insists Pitt knows her inside and out.

Jolie coos, “Brad and I love being together. We enjoy it. We need it, and we always find that special time. We stay connected. We talk about it. It’s very important.

“If Brad and I are strong and happy, then our kids have happy parents, and that’s the best thing we can give them.

“Brad knows me completely, exactly as I am, every part of me. He loves me. The kids love me. They know all my flaws and all my oddities. And they accept them. And so I can feel complete.”

And the mom-of-six admits she feels sad for those who have never experienced love – even though she’s not good at it: “Love elevates. You know, Brad would joke about me having this conversation about love. Love? It’s such a funny word. Brad can find certain phrases of poetry for it. I’m terrible at it. But I know it means wanting the best for the people you love, putting their interests above your own, always. Love does that. Love is what you live for.”