Jonathan Rhys Meyers Opens Up About Sobriety Battle

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November 1, 2013 | 8:25am EST

Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has broken his silence about his addiction issues, admitting he is “lucky” to have successfully beaten his demons.
The Tudors star struggled with alcohol issues for several years, checking into rehab on several occasions since 2005. His breaking point came when he was rushed to hospital after being found slumped at his London home by paramedics in 2011.
The Irish hunk is now teetotal and admits he has little recollection of his lowest moments but feels privileged to have worked through his issues, unlike some of his tragic pals.
He tells Britain’s Daily Mirror, “I was wild, I was as wild as you can get. When you are on the front of newspapers for stupidity, getting drunk at airports, fighting with cops and stuff like that, you wake up the next day and you can hardly f**king remember it. Responsibility gets diminished.
“As you get older you see the stupid things you have done. It is not the consequences for yourself but your family get hurt, your friends get hurt.
“At some point you come to a place – and I was lucky because some of my friends have never got to that place – where I saw it as something that was separate from me. It is kind of insanity to do it to that level. I was able to come to that realisation and I look for different things in life now.
“I had a good chat with my really close friends and I came to the end of whatever, going out, getting p**sed, getting into trouble. It got really boring because I knew where I was going to go the whole time. I knew where I was going to end up.
“Now I don’t do nothing (sic). Once you make the decision you have had enough of something, the decision is made you have had enough…”