Jones Sued By Topless Sunbathers

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February 11, 2011 | 7:45am EST

Rapper Jim Jones is at the centre of a lawsuit by two women who appear topless in the promo for his song, Summer Time.
Samantha Stotts and Sharie Johnson were filmed as they sunbathed and splashed in the sea wearing just bikini bottoms on a beach in Miami, Florida.

The footage later appeared on the video for his track, Summer Time – and the two women have issued legal proceedings against Jones and Sony Music Entertainment for violating their civil rights.

Stotts tells the New York Daily News, “It makes me look like I’m a ho… It was supposed to be fun and natural. But then you have someone who turns it into a rap video, which is totally unacceptable… They made us look very risque. That’s not my personality.”

Her pal Johnson adds, “I don’t have a problem with rap-video girls. But I never wanted to do this.”

The video has also angered bosses of clip-sharing website – it was taken down on Thursday for violating the website’s “policy on nudity or sexual content”.