Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Channing Tatum Looking For Musical

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September 24, 2013 | 8:50pm EST

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is keen to pair up with Channing Tatum to make a musical.
The Dark Knight Rises star and Tatum were reportedly in talks to lead the cast of 20th Century Fox’s Guys and Dolls remake earlier this year, but the project is far from definite.
However, Gordon-Levitt admits the musical idea prompted the two song-and-dance men to seriously consider working together.
He says, “He’s a really good friend of mine, so we’ve talked about trying to make a musical together. He can dance his a** off obviously and I like to sing and dance and we want to make some kind of musical; we’re trying to figure out what it can be. Guys and Dolls was one idea that we’ve been talking about.”