Judah Friedlander Marks 30 Rock Finale With Special Gifts

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December 23, 2012 | 9:31am EST

30 Rock star Judah Friedlander marked the end of the hit TV show by handing out personalised gifts to his castmates on the final day of filming.
The stars of the popular comedy shot their final scenes on Wednesday and Friedlander celebrated the occasion by handing out trucker hats like the ones his character Frank wore throughout the series.
Actress Katrina Bowden tells New York Post gossip column Page Six, “Everyone on the crew and everyone in the cast got a hat. Mine said ‘Italian Senator’ on it because there was a Halloween episode and I was wearing a bikini that said ‘Italian Senator’… Jane (Krakowski)’s hat said ‘Cam-er-a’ on it and Tina (Fey)’s said ‘Cupcake Sandwich,’ which is a reference to a recent episode.
“(Friedlander) has so many hats… he has garbage bags full of letters.”
The cast went on to celebrate with a big party on Thursday at New York City venue Capitale, where show bosses recreated one of the sitcom’s sets for guests.
Bowden adds of the party, “It was a good time for us to celebrate instead of cry.”
30 Rock will finish at the end of the seventh season, with the last episode, an hour-long special, due to air on 31 January.