Judds Open Up About Therapy

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March 30, 2011 | 7:35am EST

Naomi and Wynonna Judd needed years of therapy to deal with their troubled personal lives, but have now received high praise from their counsellor for their “miracle” breakthroughs.
The mother and daughter country music duo has suffered numerous setbacks over the years which forced them to seek professional help. Wynonna faced a DUI charge back in 2003, while just four years later in 2007, her estranged husband D.R. Roach was arrested – and later convicted – for sexually assaulting a pre-teen. She was also involved in a serious car accident in 2010 and later that summer also suffered a near-fatal blood clot in her heart.

Her mother Naomi has been struggling with potentially fatal liver disease hepatitis C which forced The Judds to take a long hiatus from the music industry.

The singers have both been undergoing therapy and they have credited their counsellor with helping them put their problems behind them and make their relationship stronger.

Wynonna tells People.com, “(Our therapist) said, ‘It’s a true miracle how far you’ve come, and that you all are doing as well as you have (been doing).’ “He said it’s one of the top moments in his profession to see us come as far as we have… I have been in a healing recovery process since 2003. And one of the most important and sacred things on my list of priorities was to heal my relationship with my mother.”

Naomi adds, “(Our therapist) said in 25 years of being a Ph.D. psychologist, he’s never seen people who love each other as deeply and whose intentions are (so) pure.”