Jude Law Confronted Daniel Craig Over Alleged Sienna Miller Affair

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January 27, 2014 | 5:56pm EST

Jude Law confronted Daniel Craig about his alleged secret 2005 affair with the Sherlock Holmes star’s then-girlfriend Sienna Miller in a tense phone call, a court has heard.
The British actor opened up about the love triangle for the first time on Monday as he was testifying for the prosecution at a trial into the U.K.’s phone-hacking scandal, of which both he and Miller had been victims.
Speaking on the witness stand at London’s Old Bailey, Law revealed that he became aware of Miller’s alleged infidelity in September, 2005, around the time that editors at Rupert Murdoch’s now-defunct News of the World tabloid broke the news of the actress’ reported relationship in articles headlined “Sienna Cheats On Jude” and “Layer Fake”.
Law revealed he called the 007 star to confront him about the rumored affair and urged Craig to confess his bad behavior to his partner at the time, Satsuki Mitchell.
Describing the awkward chat he had with Craig, Law told the court, “We had known each other many, many years, so the conversation took on all sorts of turns.”
Neither Miller nor Craig have ever commented on the romance reports.
Ironically, months before Law learned of Miller and Craig’s alleged affair, the actor had been forced to issue a public apology of his own to the blonde beauty after he was caught fooling around with his children’s nanny.
During Law’s testimony, he also admitted his shock after discovering a family member and a former employee had been selling stories about him to the News of the World.
The actor won $208,000 in damages from Murdoch’s company bosses in 2012 after it emerged a private investigator working for the newspaper had accessed his cell phone voicemail messages.