Judge Allows James’ Husband Access To $60,000 For Medical Care

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January 18, 2011 | 4:55am EST

A California judge has granted Etta James’ husband access to $60,000 of the ailing star’s money to cover medical costs until next month.
Last week, fans of the music legend were stunned to discover she is battling leukaemia as well as Alzheimer’s disease, which she was diagnosed with in 2009.

The cancer revelation came to light in legal documents filed by her husband of 41 years, Artis Mills, who asked a judge to grant him control of $1 million of the star’s finances, claiming the 72 year old had become too ill to oversee her own affairs.

The request was challenged by James’ son, Donto, who claims his mother handed him power of attorney, along with his wife Christy and brother Sametto, back in 2008 to be used if she becomes incapacitated.

Although Donto won’t contest the use of the star’s cash to cover medical expenses, he insisted a third party should be put in charge “to avoid present and future family conflict and discrepancies”.

The matter went before a judge at a Riverside County court on Friday and Mills won his case – although he was only granted access to $60,000 of his wife’s money to cover her medical care up until 24 February.