Justin Bieber Clears Up Confusion About Mexican Presidential Meeting

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November 19, 2013 | 8:40pm EST

Justin Bieber has clarified comments he made about meeting the President of Mexico on Monday, insisting he only greeted the politician’s family and friends.
The teen superstar took to Twitter.com before the first of his two concerts in Mexico City and boasted about coming face-to-face with Enrique Pena Nieto, writing, “Just met some amazing Mexican Beliebers (fans) and the presidente of Mexico and his familia (sic). Now it is showtime. 60,000 tonight. Night 1. Te amo (I love you).”
However, his tweet caused a stir online as representatives for the Central American leader issued a statement denying the singer’s claim and assuring the people of Mexico that the President was “focused on internal activities with members of his cabinet” – and not meeting pop stars.
The dismissal has prompted Bieber to clear up his comments amid reports the Baby hitmaker had been led to believe the President was going to be among the group he met prior to Monday’s show.
Returning to Twitter on Tuesday, he writes, “*correction. I met the presidente’s family and all their friends in the private meet and greet with security. They were very nice.”
He also urged fans not to believe everything they read about him, adding, “A lot of things get said about me. So many things not true. And it hurts especially that people believe it. But I got all of u (sic)… I’m built for this. It’s all gonna be alright (sic).”