Justin Bieber Detained In Los Angeles

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April 24, 2014 | 9:41pm EST

Justin Bieber’s return to America from Japan hit a roadblock on Thursday when the pop star was detained at Los Angeles International Airport.
The Baby singer’s Singapore Air flight arrived at LAX at just after 1pm local time, but Bieber’s bodyguards were still waiting for the 20 year old to pass through customs at 4pm.
It is not clear why the Canadian star was detained, but the travel drama came just a week after White House officially responded to a petition to deport Bieber for his bad behavior.
The letter was in response to his DUI arrest in Miami, Florida in January.
The official word from the White House: “We’ll leave it to others to comment on Mr. Bieber’s case, but we’re glad you care about immigration issues. Because our current system is broken. Too many employers game the system by hiring undocumented workers, and 11 million people are living in the shadows.”
Bieber can’t seem to get a break anywhere he goes right now – during his trip to Japan, the singer upset fans and critics alike when he posted a snapshot of himself from inside the city’s Yasukuni Shrine online. The memorial honors Japanese soldiers killed during battles with allied forces in World War II.
He later apologized, insisting he thought the shrine was nothing more than a place for prayer.