Justin Bieber Is Latest Target In Hoax 911 Report

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October 10, 2012 | 2:16pm EST

Police swarmed Justin Bieber’s Los Angeles home on Tuesday night after receiving a false report about a gun-toting trespasser.
The Baby hitmaker became the latest victim of cruel pranksters reporting fake crimes at celebrities’ homes, prompting cops to race to his exclusive neighborhood to track down an armed assailant.
Bieber’s security team allowed authorities to sweep the house searching for the lone gunman, while police helicopters were also dispatched to the area to aid the expensive operation, reports TMZ.com.
However, there was no one to be found and cops have subsequently determined the teen superstar has been targeted in an ongoing ‘swatting’ campaign, in which a caller reports a fake but serious crime to police.
The Bieber hoax follows reports of similar false incidents at Ashton Kutcher and Miley Cyrus’ properties in recent weeks.
The singer was not at home at the time of the 911 emergency as he is currently on tour.